Total Well-Being

The total well-being means that we are physically, mentally, and spiritually well.  This is the meaning of being WHOLE. 

 If we are abusing our body with bad habits (like drinking alcohol, smoking, overeating, not exercising, etc.), we will lose our physical well-being.

  We lose our mental well-being when we do not put what we know into practice, and we lose our spiritual well-being when we hold onto our ego and images.

The truth is that WHOLENESS is a state of total well-being.  It is the healthy integration of the body, mind, and spirit.  Every human being is already  the integration of the body, mind, and spirit, but for a human being to be truly happy one must be WHOLE (which means that the integration must be a healthy one). 

 Physical well-being alone is not enough.  

Mental well-being alone does not result in lasting happiness.  

Spiritual well-being alone will not spare anyone from pain and suffering.  

We must have the total well-being, and this only comes when we live our life with total awareness. 

We need to take care of our body, mind, and spirit.  Caring for one and neglecting the others is a sign of selfishness, it is an indication that there is an ego problem.

  A person who is very careful to take care of their body but neglects to improve their mind or expand their consciousness will not stay healthy or happy for very long.  

Similarly, a person with a sharp intellect who does nothing to control his ego is never going to find lasting peace of mind.

And a person who meditates and prays daily, who studies the scriptures and seeks to understand the mysteries of birth, life, death, and the beyond, but neglects his health and ignores practical advice and scientific advancements is only going to become a burden to himself and others, and will surely never attain the highest states of consciousness.

Peak performance requires careful and exact tuning.  To reach the apex of consciousness, we need to bring together all the elements of physical, mental, and spiritual health and dissolve our ego-consciousness into the Essence.

For that, our devotion, commitment, and resolve must be singular, or one-pointed.   With a whole heart (a mind filled with wisdom) may be remain on the path of Eternity and attain the state of Total Well-Being.

As human beings, we all aspire for success across:

Personal Life

Health , Wealth , Purposeful Life

Professional Life

Satisfied Career, Meaningful Work

Social Life

Harmonious relationship with our family & friends.

So If these are the outcomes, we are looking for, what are the inputs needed – a healthy body, peaceful mind, financial security, emotional health and a contented soul, working sincerely towards the goals.

Put simply, Total Wellbeing leads to Peak performance in working towards our life goals in a effortless manner.

So what is Total Well-being ? Total wellbeing means taking care of your entire self, mind, body , emotions and soul . It is having the awareness, that each of these areas connect & influence one another.

The 5 Dimensions of Total Wellbeing are :

Physical Well-being

Healthy Body

Mental Well-being

Peace, Joy, Stress Free Life

Emotional Well-being

Healthy Relationship with people and Nature

Financial Well-being

Earning well to support oneself and his family

Spiritual Well-being

Self Awareness leading to peace and bliss.

How can we achieve total well-being ?

Living a Value/ Personal Ethics- based Life , based on our understanding of our self and our connection/ relationship with the society and the Natural environment around us is the first and foremost pre-requisite.

Along with that the right understanding, the following  practices are to be followed in daily life as a routine or habit, that will lead to total wellbeing.

Daily Spirituality & Personal Growth

By incorporating some form of daily spirituality into our lives, we can learn to be more compassionate, loving, fulfilled individuals. In the same way, we can also become more productive, giving, and influential members of society, making a positive change in the world through our use of daily spirituality and the peace it brings to our lives.

A discussion of a balanced life would not be complete without exploring the spiritual side of our minds — the side that makes us human and separates us from every other species on the the planet.

Not only are humans the only creatures with the capacity for planning for future events, but we are also the only beings who consistently pursue a some form of frequent or daily spirituality and connection with a higher power. 

Cultures the world over, from populous cities to remote villages, from Western Europeans to indigenous African tribes, all known societies of human beings have some sort of daily spirituality, or spiritual tradition.

We believe that the practice of daily spirituality, and a belief in a higher power is an essential part of a fulfilling, joyful life. This relationship can bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment , and also helps maintain important connections within society.

Understanding -> Practice -> Awareness -> Discipline -> Consistent Behavior ->  Destiny / Fulfillment of Life Goals