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Magesh was born in in the City of Dreams – Mumbai and brought up in the culture capital of the country –Chennai. So that defines his personality, entrepreneurial risk taking mentality, combined with fine aesthetic sense of Music, poetry and writing.

Since his school days, he used to be proficient in both Tamil and English ( Read, Write and Speak ) , writing short poems and essays in both languages in his diary occasionally.

Magesh is a voracious reader of non-fiction books on the topics – Self Develpoment . Spirituality, Philosophy, Health and Wellness ,Science and technology, Religion.

Maiden Speech

In his 12th class, he gave his maiden speech during the school assembly session on  “ Why speaking in English, with fellow students at school, helps one develop –strong communication skills and thus emerge into a multi-faceted and well-groomed personality.

While public speaking is generally considered as the second most fearful activity for most people, Magesh being multilingual and a people’s person , right from his college days made it effortless for him. The first speech delivered in his 12th grade, motivated him to continue to read, write and speak effortlessly and made it a essential part of his life.

So during college days, he had thoroughly enjoyed taking part in various elocution related contests including Debates, Group Discussion, dumb-Charades, Just-a-minute organized as co-curricular activities during the annual cultural festival of the university.

Toastmaster Club –foundation for Professional Speaking

In the early part of his career in Mumbai, he was introduced to the concept of  Toastmaster’s club, which he exposed him to the world of public speaking and laid the foundation for his career in the creative field of – Writing / Professional Speaking.

In his career, as Magesh transitioned from Design Engineer( Civil )  to Corporate Trainer (Technical Software training ) to Business Development ( Civil Engineering software ) , all along his gifted speaking and writing skills, continued to aid his rapid career progression.

When Magesh worked in Dammam ( Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia ) in the year 2016 -2017, he got an opportunity to be a part of Al-Khobar Tamil Toastmaster’s Club ,when he managed to finetune his spoken skills in his native language ( Tamil ) . He later realized that the inner quest to become a Professional Speaker was ignited back then, when he rediscovered his love for Public Speaking, writing and performing on the stage.

As a part of the club, he loved taking part in different club activities like – taking part in Prepared Speeches, Impromptu Speeches and other special programmes associated with development of one’s Communication and Leadership skills.

Attending PSAI Annual Summit – January 2019

Magesh was introduced to the Professional Speakers Association of India ( PSAI ) community in Chennai, by Mr.RajendranDandapani ( Vice Chancellor ,Zoho University ) in December 2018.

In January 2019 ,Magesh attended the Annual Summit of Professional Speaker’s Association of India, where he had the opportunity to mingle with Professional Speakers from India like Kiruba, PravinShekharetc and International Speakers like – Fredrick Haren, James Taylor etc.

Magesh realized that communication was his core skillset and so declared during the course of a workshop conducted during the event by Ms.TanviBhat , that his vision was to speak, read and write and thus bring delight, peace and harmony to his audience/ prospective customers.

This declaration, inspired him to become a Professional Speaker, Writer and a Creative professional .


2-Day Workshop on Speed Reading, Memory technique, Mindmap and Creative thinking( April 2019 )

To upgrade his reading skills, he completed a 2-Day Workshop on Speed Reading, Memory technique, Mindmap and Creative thinking conducted by Mr.SunilRoy , one of the leading Business Transformation Strategists in India.

Book Publishing Bootcamp( May 2019 ) :

To improve his writing skills , he completed a 3 –Day Intensive workshop on Book-writing, which gave him exposure to the world of book writing, Publishing and marketing your books conducted by Success Gyan PVT LTD.

First Speaking Engagement :

Magesh gave his first Public speech for  on “ Goal Setting “ for the monthly workshop series of National Institute of Personnel Management , at their regional office in Chennai .

Becoming PSAI Member - PSAI Annual Summit, Delhi - FEB2020

In February 2020, during the 2nd PSAI Annual Summit held in Delhi , he got the opportunity to interact with global Professional Speakers, got to understand what it takes to be a Professional Speaker.

During the Agra trip that was organized at the end of the Summit, he got a chance to  personally interact with Internationally renowned- Professional Speakers like – Tim Wade, Philip Boulanger , AdedayaBenjamins, Kiruba etc. and get to know the intricacies and finer nuances about the business of Professional Speaking . He learnt from them that creating original content in one’s area of specialization was the key to succeeding in this profession.

Following the 2nd Annual Summit,  Magesh became a member of PSAI- India , in Februay 2020 and has been assiduously preparing himself to become a Professional Speaker, by regularly taking part in PSAI – India’s Chennai – Regional Chapter’s weekly learning sessions – which includes- Open Mic, Management Booh Review, Invited Speaker Series etc.

Thus was born the Author Entrepreneur- Magician Magesh , who likes to serve people through – Reading , Writing , Speaking , Trainingand help them transform to their highest potential.