What is common to Velumani(Thyrocare), Sundar Pichai & Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev ?

Whateverbe the field – Sports, Business, Entertainment or Spirituality, if you have become a brand ,you attract clients, rather than you having to go after them ?

So, how you can position yourself as an Authority/ Thought leader to create consistent business growth, profit and prosperity for yourself and your customers?


How can we position ourself as the thought leader/ Expert in our domain/ area of work.

How you can position yourself as an Authority, so that clients seek you out , rather you having to go after them ?

The solution is Communicate your Authority / Expertisethrough any of the appropriate Channels /Medium as listed below, which your prospective customer is listening/ Watching.

Go write a book.

Launch a Podcast.

Create a Website.

Create a Youtube Channel.